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Paul Furlong Revive The Kids Furlong Revive The Kids

Hi , my name is Paul Furlong...I am not a big organization but work alone, and with your help I travel into many third world countries to bring some love, good news  & food, drill for fresh water, & care for widows, rescue orphans, feed poor villages, rescue those children at risk sold into sex trade/slaves, free slaves in work industries & also free   concerts to bring some joy & love into peoples lives (I'm a singer song writer)...... Unlike many charity organizations with big overheads, all the funds i receive go directly to this cause & reach ground zero, making a difference in 1000's of lives....
THESE ORPHANS, SLAVES, POOR FAMILIES, VULNERABLE & ABUSED, PRECIOUS LIVES, NEED YOUR HELP TODAY! . . . PLease see below, 3 minute video clips of my charity Rescue centers around the world & view the "GIVE NOW Donation of a life changing Gift" to the top left to choose a gift that will change a life like a sewing machine or perhaps some goats or more ....  CLICK HERE
BEST still, is to become a MONTHLY sponsor child that will support not just 1-2 children But benefit a full rescue centre & enable me to continue to rescue lives...

Monthly child sponsorship Rescue Centre CLICK HERE.  


ONLY $25 per month . . . 

YOU can make the difference between life or death happiness or sadness, love or abuse!

Child sponsorship rescues & fully supports an orphan child, and in fact enables the full rescue centre to continue to love, provide & care for each orphan as a whole. By sponsoring a child now, together we can will touch more lives with love & compassion.
You can Rescue an orphan child today and change a life for ever!                                                           Your compassion in child sponsorship will save a life                                                                                                                                      from tragedy and provide a hope & a future!

 It's easy for you to save a life and make a real difference! . .

Option 1 - Sponsor a rescue centre & orphan today!

Simply visit a rescue centre in a country below I have personally set up & oversee & become a monthly sponor only $25 will go dircetly to the centre & will provide food, bed, clothes, education for 1-2 orphans by keeping the rescue centrs running to provide love & care.

IMPORTANT NOTE:. I DONOT send funds or support any other projects or charities or orphanages around the world, other than what I KNOW TO BE TRUE AND HONEST because i have personally setup, pioneered each one & continue personally to oversee/send all funds. In my experience up to 80% of orphanages & projects are false, non-exsistant OR hugely exagertaed & deceptive on prices quoted & HUGE % gets put in many pockets of those asking. there is so much lies , deception, greed & corruption I refuse to give to anything I have NOT pioneered and therfore seen with my own eyes & know to be true & legitimate!!! .

Option 2 - Send a donation to free a slave, or fund a project or purchase an individual item like . . . chickens, goats, motor bike, bycycle, clothes/school uniforms, school, sewing machine, micro business!

See below short video clips of some of the rescue centres I have personally set up....

FREE sex slaves ........

I have chief police working with me to raid homes where they hold kidnapped women, girls & children captive daily and sell them for sex at night (BURMA)....I can set them free if I have more support & men or women to stand with me to help me fund & setup a rescue centre in a secret location where the girls will be safe (safehouse) also a place of healing body soul spirit.
 Do You Care ?...Will You help?
I'm ready to take action Now ..ARE YOU.


South Sudan/Kenya Border
Urgent help needed NOW!!! I have rescued 20 orphans I found begging for food, homeless in rags in this arid dry wilderness deserted, abandoned & some abused. Ther are another 30+ in this area needing our help. $25 monthly support 1-2 children & helps keep the rescue centre running in basic care, bedding, clothes & food. 


Rescue the children from sex trade/slave industry!! Refuge & Safe house set up border Nepal/India to Save/Rescue the Children From being 

sold into sex salvery trade!! Also young women in prostitution are freed & given a home & a place to restart their lives!
You can save 1-2 children for as litte as only $25 per month. This helps keep the whole rescue centre running.
Sponsor a child today

The slums in Nairobi Kenya Africa..
Here are 47 kids that are staving & desperate for love & more funds are raised we can help 100's in a feeding program daily! 
Sponsor 1-2 orpahn & poor children today for Only $25 monthly

We have also set up a school giving FREE education to the poor children in the slums & tuition . A daily feeding program gives x2 good meals of nutritional value. We clothes & feed young babies/children in a day care program for single &/or abused mothers.


Many families are held bound in slavery in the brick factories (Open air field making bricks from mud) Whoel families 4-7 members usually labour 10+12 hrs daily to earn $3-$5 per day (The whole familiy together..NOT each!!) They are traded & sold between brick factory businesses as slaves, often beaton, abused, raped & sometimes murdered. We can set the whole family FREE & start a micro business for Only $100. Also set up a sewing centre to train one member in their own sewing business.

D.R Congo Africa Orphans House now desperate for food to feed our 100+ Orphans!!! We just took 5 more
Sponsor 1-2 children today for Only $25 Many are war orphans & as a result of harsh living, abuse & sickness many orphans are living abandoned, abused & begging homless on the streets. 
Please open your herat & rescue a child through your compassion in sponsorship today!


Many orphans abandoned & homeless & abused were rescued in two orphanges I established here in Uganda. The need is HUGE to rescue more. Child sacrifice & much abuse is a big concern. Chickens & goats have enabled these centres to become self sufficient. I need to set up more orphans homes & can do for $350 monthly for approx 20 children.